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Visit our gracious Heart- of- the- Diamond demo lounge and, in your comfortable chair,  swivel to the Differential Pipettor and kindred liquid handling system of your choice and use it live!

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Use the Differential Pipettor because its Absence of Outliers
will Reduce Mental Stress in your techs and Save Big Money -- even if you don’t need its better accuracy & precision!

New Studies

Review of pipetting and "displacement" technology and how the Differential Pipettor eliminates the resolution/flow compromise of conventional pipetting and gives clean, contact-free dispensing. Overall comparison from applications scientist at Artel, Inc. Click here for article.


Patented Differential Displacement™ Dual Resolution™ mechanism gives superior performance in a more natural and ergonomic way. Combines ultrafine precision with high flow power in disposable tips to quickly transfer 


Pipett Being Used

Pipett Drop

samples contact-free without contamination in one natural motion. Precise full range extends down to nanoliters.

World’s only Differential Pipettor ......
World’s coolest hand pipettor...........



Unsurpassed precision and accuracy

Clean contact-free delivery without cross contamination

Very rarely misses


in a variety of hands



Less hand and tendon strain

No splatter or aerosol in the
contact-free delivery

Aspirated sample cannot reach the mandrel


Uses only the volume of
expensive reagent or
valuable sample you want

Volumes can be scaled down

Duplicates and triplicates
often eliminated

Get more done in same time
Maintenance and calibration
costs less


Just point towards destination
and press gently

Reload with less hand movement

More natural movement
and less total hand travel

Delivery does not require
carefully touching the
destination or going

The Differential Pipettor is also the premium pipetting technology for low microliter/nanoliter high-end scientific & biomedical research where precision is key, cross-contamination is disastrous, and reliable, reproducible accurate delivery of low microliter/nanoliter amounts is essential.

Learn about the next generation in Liquid Handling at Differential Pipetting 

Our full line of patented Differential Displacement/Dual Resolution™ liquid-handling products are now available from our wonderful new consolidated facility in the Collaborative Innovation Works in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Serves the scientific and biomedical industry, including molecular biology, NGS and HLA tissue typing. Our unique mechanism improves accuracy and precision while saving time and increasing productivity, embodied in our pipettors and syringes, both single-channel and multi-channel automated. This clean contact-free delivery assures that the samples are free from contamination and of the exact volume desired without the errors from having to touch the tip to the delivery site. Everything is simply more accurate and precise over a much wider range.

Contact us in Amesbury, Massachusetts for our revolutionary liquid-handling and contamination-free transfer systems.

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