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Dip disposable tip into
the sample. Thumb is
at-the-ready but NOT
touching or pushing yet.
Push plunger down
to the resistance stop.
Move tip over the destination
site without
moving your thumb.
 Continue the plunger
stroke the rest of the way
down to DISPENSE the
sample cleanly to its destination.

  Aspiration and Dispensing
The Chamber moves down and its 2 seals slide down over the 2 fixed pistons. The slightly wider Top Piston withdraws from the Chamber while the thinner Bottom Piston enters more. The small cross sectional area difference between the pistons lays down a very fine resolution vacuum that aspirates extremely precisely and reliably. The Top Piston now moves down with the Chamber, letting the Bottom Piston close the air gap without a differential offset. This releases smooth high flow to blow the sample off contact-free. A single stroke in one downward direction therefore aspirated precisely by Differential Displacement and dispensed cleanly by Single Displacement
Aspirate and Dispense Measurements For our model DP-10, the graphic Top Piston
diameter is actual width, but the Bottom Piston
is shown thinner so you can see that they
are different.. Superimpose the cross sections
and the tiny area difference shows as a thin
annular ring. Make the ring green, and a
separate piston with the same area would be
0.040 inches or 1 mm (same as a 50μL
syringe). Such a needlelike piston would
have the same resolution as DP-10 but will not
support a rugged seal and has minute flow.
The Differential Pipettor has large sealing surfaces
and rugged seals that don’t leak and last.




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