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This narrated little movie shows how quickly and easily you can pipette tiny volumes.  The size gradient can be clearly seen and reflects the precision and accuracy shown in quantitative studies.
Pleasing silent graphic of the 96-channel NEPTUNE96, a semi-automated unit. Cross-sections of the rows and columns reinforce appreciation of the mechanism by which the rugged seals sweep a robust distance down over the 2 rugged pistons to give the extremely fine Differential Displacement aspiration.
Emotively narrated movie closeup of a few channels in NEPTUNE96, using split screens to show the relationship between the robust aspiration sweeps and the volumes aspirated in an extremely slender disposable tip.
10,000 fold dilution. 0.5 uL (500 nanoliters) of sample can easily be pipetted with high precision and accuracy into 5 mL of liquid with good mixing. The fine Differential Mode is used for the aspiration, and then you simply use the large flow "Single" mode to slosh the mixture up and down a few times to get good mixing. 

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This is a truly classic graphic piece that conveys what this is all about in a way some people find particularly clear. It helps focus on the real dilemma faced by conventional pipetting, which is constrained to a single resolution, when trying to find a balance or compromise between the requirements of fine resolution and adequate flow. 

We use both gravimetric and photometric measurements (Artel PCS) for our calibration and quality control. However, for the small volumes we have pioneered we find the Artel PCS to be much easier, including getting around the evaporation challenges. So we made this little movie to show how we use the PCS, including to compare directly the results from our contact-free Blastoff dispensing with those when the tip is touched off and dragged in the conventional manner.  

This is a closeup of the above.

 Dual Resolution Syringe - 2
Nice narrated movie using Dual Resolution Syringe in Cavro XP3000 pump module in TITAN robot to do the elegant PCR mix-in-tip program, aspirating 0.5 uL sample and two 5 uL primers and mixing them right in the tip and then delivering them to a 384 well plate. Deliberate and precise movie that shows the power of the system.

Dual Resolution Syringe - 3

This 10 minute BASIC STORY movie covers the Dual Resolution Syringe core technology mechanism in TITAN robot. Products, technology and features, ending with tasteful 1 minute jungle swim. At 0.38 (38 seconds) it announces dramatically with music "And THIS is what it can do", with fast and almost jading 6 Favorites ending with multi-jetting contact-free dispense at 1.18-1.26 minutes.

Dual Resolution Syringe 4

Our classic vintage Dual Resolution Syringe "Blue", with the resolution of a 10 (ten!) uL syringe, accurately picks up 200 nanoliters in its Differential Mode and then plops it off contact-free in the high flow Single Mode (single jetting), all set to Yanni music.


Full panoply of air-filled capabilities, starting with Cyclops close up through AVI animation, Poseidon, beautifull blue gradient drops down to 250 nL at 3:35-4:09 min and classic lin reg graphs down to 170 nL at 5:05 min. Deska classic showing fixed steel tip can do 100 nL single jet Blastoff.

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Dual Resolution syringe - 5

The Dual Resolution Syringe aspirates two 5 uL reagents or primers and then 0.5 uL of sample -- extremely precisely and accurately in the Differential mode. Then it does an elegant mixing in the tip -- first mixing just the two reagents and then lowering them to engulf the tiny sample and mixing everything thoroughly together in the vigorous high-flow single mode. Then delivers everything cleanly, contact-free, to a 1536 well plate. This shows the extraordinary ability to aspirate minute samples with extreme precision, move liquids smoothly and precisely right inside the tip, mix vigorously and deliver cleanly. 

Dual Resolution Syringe - 6

This does a Free Jet multi-dispense.

    Dual Resolution Syringe - 1

2.5 minute IMPACT MOVIE showing its stunning 6 Favorites capabilities and magnificent design by jungle analogy, including multi-jet dispensing at 2:27 - 2:30 minutes.  

Little Squirt - 1

This is a long and comprehensive 25-minute presentation of this remarkable little diluter and versatile liquid-handling instrument. It explains the unique Differential Displacement/Dual ResolutionTM mechanism with nice graphics and dual-piston closeups. It shows 6 Favorite application, including the incredible single-stroke 10,000:1 (ten thousand fold!) dilution of a precisely aspirated 100 nanoliter aspirated sample, and Free Jet Multi-dispensing. But you may wish instead to look at the several very short movies of the individual applications.  

Little Squirt  - 2

Movie showing the mechanism of this remarkable little liquid-handling unit. 

Little Squirt Dilution Favorite

This includes the extraordinary 10,000:1 ten thousand fold dilution of a precisely aspirated 100 nanoliter sample.

Little Squirt Multiple-dispensing Favorite

Free Jet Multiple-dispensing, contact free.

Little Squirt Free Jet Single  Favorite

Precise and accurate aspiration of 0.5 uL and its contact-free (free jet) Blastoff transfer. 

Little Squirt Favorite Touchoff

Little Squirt Favorite Maldi

Little Squirt Favorite PCR